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Head Coach: Carrie Novotny, CSCS, Pn1

No Pain, No Gain. NOVOTNY 


Coach Novotny

Coach Novotny has worked with clients and athletes of all ages and levels from youth sports to college and professionals and retirees. She has trained Division I athletes at Penn State University and the United States Air Force Academy and served as the head strength and conditioning coach at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


She holds degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Physical Education, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, USA Weightlifting Level I Coach, and a Pn1 Certified Nutrition Coach.  

She is an experienced group exercise instructor with advanced certifications in TRX, Indoor Cycle, and InsanityLive.  She also teaches numerous boot camp and metcon style conditioning classes.  


Coach was  a collegiate athlete--winning a Big Ten Championship as a member of the Penn State Women's volleyball team and has competed in a few physique competitions; she knows what it takes to get you to the next level!

Coach has helped her clients achieve strength gains, weight loss, and improved overall fitness.

Let Coach Novotny help YOU reach your potential! 

Coach Hooper

Coach Wayne Hooper is a high school cross country and track and field coach with over 10 years of experience.  He competed in both sports through college with PRs of 1:53.2 (800), 3:52 (1500), 15:53 (5k), and 25:16 (5 mile).


Coach Hooper runs with his athletes daily which gives him the perspective needed to modify workouts and plans to each individual.  This also allows him the ability to analyze the performances of his athletes and himself to improve his program.

Coach believes that hill and speed training, in addition to mileage, are essential components to improving your time in whatever distance you are training for.  He has experience working with an array of athletes with varying abilities which has helped him to develop training programs that can fit anyone.  Coach enjoys the challenge of creating workouts that will get you to a PR.  After all, the time doesn't lie.  

In his long list of accolades he can boast many top state and national finishes including a New Balance High School National Champion in the 800 with a time of 1:50.

Whatever distance you run or are looking to run, let Coach Hooper help you set a new personal record and reach your running potential!  

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When I met Carrie, I was a Wounded Warrior recovering from a major surgery.  With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to excel in my cardio rehab.  Then 6 years later, I needed another major surgery and who was there? Carrie right by my side with her expertise and knowledge and did everything to push me to recover 6 months faster than the doctors had expected.  Her understanding of dietary needs, fitness, and the capabilities of the human body (and human spirit) is above anyone.

David H.

Coach Novotny is simply amazing!! What's most admirable about her is her dedication to her clients cause--she's in it with you until the end.  It's been a long road, but no pain, no gain. Novotny!  Thanks, Carrie for helping me reach my fitness goals.  

Gio W.

The (8 week customized) plan was badass and exactly what I like to do!"


Bobby M. 

 I am a serious outdoorsman and skier.  At 44 years of age I never expected to be strength training, let alone focused on Olympic Lifting with Coach Carrie.   It started out by accident.  I take classes in the gym, a lot, my cardio is good, and while I have stayed "leaner",  I have had trouble building strength.  I took a couple of sessions with Coach Carrie to help with my bench press and now cannot remember how many months I have been training with her.  For fun one day, and it is fun, she had me try Olympic Lifting.  It was a big mistake because I loved dropping the weights and the full body movement.  I have never been hurt with these big movements and that is entirely due to Coach Carrie being a certified strength coach, knowing what the hell she is doing, actually caring about her clients, and only encouraging you and never pushing you into a danger zone.  I am stronger, I am more flexible, I am less likely to get hurt in other activities, and I feel good.

Aaron S.

Carrie Novotny, CSCS, Pn1

Fitness and Performance Coach

Tel: 216-801-5039

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