Customized Workout Plan- 8 weeks

Each 8 week customized workout plan starts with an email, phone, or Zoom Meeting interview where we will discuss your goals.  From there the coaches at Novotny Fit will develop an 8 week plan tailored to you specifically.  We will take into consideration your time commitment and constraints, health history, available equipment, etc.  to get you where you want to be.  Each plan will include 8 weeks worth of cardio and resistance training workouts, again, tailored specifically to your needs.  You will receive a Personalized Nutrition Guide with macro, portion, and calorie suggestions, education and tips. In addition to all of that, Novotny Fit will give you a FREE 8 week membership to True Coach to track your workouts and progress.


    Please read, sign, and return this  agreement to once you have made your purchase and then Novotny Fit will contact you to set up your interview and goal setting session.   Let us help you reach your full potential!  

Please email us if you have any questions before making the decision to start.  

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