• Registration opens September 21.

  • Challenge starts October 5.

  • All before measurements and pictures must be submitted to with the subject line "Challenge Before" by 8am EST on October 5.  Please include your first and last name. 

  • All after measurements and pictures must be submitted to with the subject line "Challenge After" by 8pm EST  on November 15.  Please include your first and last name.  Please use and attach this measurements sheet.  

  • My team of trainers will chose an overall winner based on measurements and pictures.

  • Winner will be announced the week of November 16.

  • There are NO REFUNDS!


  • Must include weight, circumference of chest, hips, right and left thigh, right and left bicep, and abs Please see basic instructions hereDo not worry about measuring in the perfect spot, just be consistent in before and afters.  

  • Please record measurements to this sheet and attach to email when sending both before and afters.


  • Must include front, side, and back.

  • Women should wear shorts and sports bra or bikini.

  • Men should wear shorts, no shirt.

  • Please use consistent lighting and outfits.

  • Best results if someone else takes the picture, but not necessary.  

  • Natural lighting works best. 


Basic Plan:

  • All resources including Success Manual, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Dining Out Guide, and Recipe Book will be delivered to the email address provided at registration on Saturday, October 3.   

  • Inspirational emails will be sent daily.  

Accelerated Plan:

  • All workouts will be uploaded to True Coach App

  • Coach Novotny will create your True Coach account upon registration-You will receive email

  • instructions to set up account.  Account must be created to view workouts.

  • All athlete and coach feedback will be given using the communication feature on True Coach.

  • True Coach will only be accessible during the challenge.  


One winner will receive a $100 Lululemon gift card and 2 months on Fitness Coaching FREE!!

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